Week Two: Sneaky Picks

Welcome to week two of the NFL season! Week-one certainly had some surprises. No one could have predicted that Alex Smith would top the charts as the best fantasy QB in the league or that Andy Dalton would almost complete more passes to the opposing team than to his own wide receivers. Kareem Hunt came out and showed everyone why he belongs in the NFL. Le'Veon Bell owners were severely disappointed by a poor fantasy output.

To quote Aaron Rodgers R-E-L-A-X...relax.

It's only week one.

So as we enter week-two (at the time of writing, Thursday night's stinker of a game is already over) let's take a look as some sneaky players heading into week-two's games.

1. Antonio Gates 
LA Chargers - tight end

Yes, he's old for an NFL player that has sustained the kind of punishment that constantly going over the middle brings. Mr. Gates is still a fantasy relevant tight end. This week the Chargers take on the Miami Dolphins at home. This is a special game for the Chargers …

Three Sleepers for 2017

We are in drafting season for fantasy football. Some of you may have already had yours, some of you are viciously prepping for one, and some of your may be a week or two away. For what it’s worth, I’m a long-time advocate of waiting until the last week of August  and even into September for the most current news, camp battles, and injury reports.

Preseason is underway, injuries are occurring and most importantly, we are seeing who’s passing the “eye-test” at their positions.

So this week, we’re going to lock in on some sleeper candidates you should be looking at, and why they may be a hot value for your team.

Robby Anderson: WR - New York Jets

There’s really not much positive going on where the Jets hang their helmets. Brandon Marshall is gone, Eric Decker has shuffled off to Tennessee, and just when we all starting to warm up to Quincy Enunwa, he’s out for all of 2017 with a neck injury. This brings us to Robby Anderson. He’s got some talent, and he’ll be targeted plenty. He’s worth …

Player Profile: Marvin Jones

Player Profile: Marvin Jones

If it isn’t here for you and your league yet, draft day is on it’s way. For me, this is like the Christmas season. Instead of decorations it’s player projections. I’m not listening to Christmas Carols, I’m listening to expert podcasts. It’s not hot cocoa with marshmallows, it’s coffee to keep me awake whilst I crunch stats and run my projections. All leading up to that glorious evening and the auction draft to kick it all off.
In my continuing series, we take a look at another player who’s going for value prices/picks in mock drafts so far.
In 2016 Marvin Jones came out of the gate on fire. After the first six weeks he was in the top 3 receivers behind only Antonio Brown and Julio Jones. In week two he had 118 yards on 8 receptions.  In the third game of the season he torched Green Bay’s secondary for 205 yards on only six receptions and had two touchdowns. For people who were wondering how Stafford would handle being without Megatron, it seemed like the a…

Player Profile: Eli Manning

Set the way back machine for 2013. It was my 2nd year with my main auction fantasy league. I was coming of a decent 2012 season and felt pretty confident that 2013 was my year to win it all. The younger Mr. Manning had something to say about that. In fact, he had 27 things to say about that.
    I don't recall what I paid for him in our auction draft, but it was way too much. That season Eli threw 18 touchdowns to his 27 interceptions. Soak it in. Twenty-seven interceptions. I'll be the first to go on record as saying there's no way I could throw 18 touchdowns in the NFL. No way. But, I'm pretty sure that if I set my mind to it, I could toss up 27 interceptions and for a lot less money than Eli made that year. 
    Needless to say, I didn't win that season and haven't drafted him in snake or auction formats since.
So why in the heck did I decide to write an article about why he's not only draftable, but looks to be a solid value pick in 2017? 
Let's ta…

Player Profile: Carlos Hyde

It's August...therefore Fantasy Football is upon us! I'm continuing to break down some players that may have positive fantasy impacts.

There has not been much excitement about the San Francisco 49'ers in the last couple of seasons, and rightfully so. The phrase "dumpster fire" comes to mind. It would be one thing if the team was merely mired with poor play on one side of the ball. Unfortunately, both offense and defense have been pretty poor. In the 2016 season The 49'ers only converted 78 out of 222 3rd down conversions. That's an abysmal 35.1 percent. Did I mention dumpster fire?

I have pages and pages of notes that preceded last year's fantasy draft. One of them was simple, succinct, and required no further explanation. NO 49'ers!

In my mounds of research for the 2017 season, I dug deep into one player's stats and was a little surprised by what I found. Carlos Hyde is a good running back. Granted, a good player on a bad team is hampered b…

Player Profile: Stefon Diggs


Over the next several weeks until we inch closer to kick off, I’m going to be doing some articles based on specific under-the-radar type of players that could have positive fantasy impacts.

Everyone is hunting the big names, so we won’t be talking about those. What I’m going to focus on is the players you can pick up later in drafts, or on the cheap in auction formats that can contribute to your team’s success.

This article is going to focus on Stefon Diggs.

In 2015 as a rookie, Diggs led the Vikings in targets with 52 and yards with 720. While those numbers aren’t eye-popping to begin with, it’s worth noting that he didn’t play the first 3 games. He wasn’t even the starter until injury forced him into the role, once there, he quickly made a name for himself as someone to watch.

In 2016 Diggs started off on fire putting up  285 yards in the first two games. Then he quieted down for several weeks before going off again for 164 yards in week eight. He totalled 9…

My adventures in writing

For as far as my memory can go back, I've wanted to be a writer. Most of my daydreams involve writing fiction. I'm constantly jotting down little ideas that may or may not ever turn into anything substantial.

I remember sending a short story that I wrote, and was very proud of, to a national magazine. Weeks went by, and I didn't hear anything back. I had come to the conclusion that no one even read it, that it was simply discarded. Well, it did get read and almost six-weeks after sending it, I got a response. I remember seeing the envelope with the magazine's logo stamped across the front and my heart racing as I opened it.

It was a standard rejection letter.

The interesting thing, is that once over the initial disappointment, I was rather proud of the moment. In my mind, a rejection letter is one step closer to an acceptance letter. I framed the rejection letter and it's still hanging on the wall behind my computer monitor as a constant reminder. Don't stop.